Yes! I arrived in Barbados! I know for a web designer my page is plain... had to fix a few other things like email, phone, ftp and find all my stuff. Too many hidden pockets in suitcases... plus I needed a day to get orientated, and since I only have 2 feet I ended up walking 6 miles on Sunday. I am now mostly setled in and will be updating this site with stories and pictures. I took many pictures the first day Sunday so I will be posting them. Monday I took a bunch of underwater pictures none of which turned out :( so tommorrow is another day. I am 1+ miles from the ocean, and have to walk up a huge hill. It's a tough climb after snorkling and walking on the beech, but someone has to do it. Soon I'll figure out how far I am above sea level. I'm certain one of the GPS units can tell me. I might have to take the level 2 sailing class to figure out my GPS :)

PICTURES ARE POSTED... I have taken several hundred, but only the flowers are linked :)

I hope that some of you can find time to join me on this wonderful island

I know many of you have paitently waited to read the story of how I ended up in Barbados, so here it is.

The Journey to Barbados

When I left Barbados in 1995 I said “I’d really like to come back!” in fact I thought how cool it would be to go down and house sit. I even saw a little house on the ocean that was right next to an underwater Scuba park, enter the water from shore, follow the trail, come up in your yard! How cool would that be! Several years ago one of my friends had an invite to go, but he didn’t want to, and he wouldn’t let me go in his place. My desire was still to return to enjoy all that this beautiful island has to offer.

Leap forward to 2010. May 3rd I subscribed to a newspaper that connects owners with house sitters. I was looking for a place in Michigan as my current residence was going to be occupied at the beginning of June.

I read an add for Barbados, and immediately replied. It was about midnight.
The very next day May 4th early in the morning I received an answer that the position had been filled and Wally, the owner, asked me why I had waited so long to answer the add? Apparently it had come out 2 weeks before. She thought I was perfect to watch her place. So I began emailing her and talking about the possibilities of 2011 since she needs someone every year while she returns to family in Austria. We communicated back and forth, but I started making local plans for this year, realizing Barbados had waited this long, it could wait another year.

July was a lean month for work, so I took the time to learn to sail. Something I had always wanted to do, but was never available when classes were offered. Fortunately for me I met several people who had the days free and were patient enough to teach me and practice sailing with me. For those brave souls who took me out, I say a million thanks. I got lots of time on the water, and felt really confident when I went to take my test. Yes, I passed!

Mid July Wally left for Austria. I was working on my dad’s condo fixing it up, while planning out the rest of my year in Michigan.
At the beginning of August I received an email from Wally who was already in Austria. She said the people left, could I come down and watch her place? I thought about it for a few days, and then replied via email that I could either go to Barbados from Aug 17 to the end of Sept, or the beginning of Sept until she returned in the middle of November. I waited about a week, and I got an email from her wondering why I had not responded. Since it was approaching the middle of Aug, I replied I could go down around the first of Sept. Within 10 minutes she replied “get your ticket, we will work it all out.” I didn’t have a good feeling about the 17th and time was really running out. So the first of September was better for everyone.

The very next day she emailed me that she had just received the first email. I believe in Divine intervention, so I just laughed and started working towards leaving the first of September.

I help out at our church with funerals by running the sound/lights/video. One week we had two, Monday and Tuesday. It is rare that we have two on back to back days. After the funeral on Monday I went home and was really tired, so I decided to take a nap. I suddenly felt a need to go contact a travel agent. I almost always do all my own arrangements, but I went and contacted someone from our church. She knew me, but I didn’t know her. Tuesday after the funeral I exited our Worship Center and there was a lady walking down the hall. For those of you who don’t know, our church/school is housed in a 130,000 sq ft building on 2 levels. Add to that near impossibility that it is a Tuesday afternoon, and there is no reason for members of our congregation to be at in the building since school hadn’t started yet. The mathematical chances of running into someone are astronomical. She introduced herself, and immediately I knew she was the travel agent I’d spoken too the day before. Some may believe in coincidence, but I believe in God-incidence.

Wednesday I stopped by the scuba shop since I was going for a practice dive on Thursday. Craig the owner was there and said, I was by your old house yesterday, and wondered what had happened to you and why you hadn’t been diving. I have not seen Craig in 8 to 10 years, why would I come to mind just because he drove near my house?

So I started looking for airline tickets, boats, freighters or any other way to get to Barbados. Since no one volunteered their private jet, I settled on commercial airlines. It was driving me nuts, as I wanted to avoid, MIA, JFK, San Juan and a few other airports. I also wanted to arrive sometime after I left, not 25 hours later for a 6 hour flight. I also wasn’t going to pay $3,000 USD. I tried leaving from Buffalo, Toronto,
Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas. All were more then leaving from Detroit, or I had to figure out how to get there! My wonderful travel agent found me a milk run flight, 4 or 5 stops… but it was on a turbojet! I’d have to plan on spending the next week unfolding my knees from my chest! It saved some money, but was also a 12 hour flight! Every day the fare went up by $30, so I wanted to get my ticket quickly. I tried 3 days before and after my original scheduled dates, still nothing good showed up. I ended up trying Saturday to Saturday, which normally isn’t a good rate. It was $10 more then the next nearest price, it skipped all those challenging airports and was only a scheduled 8 hour flight including one layover in a nice airport. I could easily handle this flight.

The story continues as many other pieces fell into place. Needed two pair of shoes, found them in a store I never go into, and since they are summer shoes they were on sale. I got 2 pair for the price of one at normal price. Shopping for shoes rates right up there with having teeth pulled, neither one is pleasant for me. So finding 2 pair that fit in a short period of time was a nice bonus.

Sometimes while you know the next step in the journey, and you are certain that you are on the right path what appears to be a roadblock comes into your path. Well it happened to me. I received a bill for $1000 USD. I knew it was coming, but didn’t expect it till I returned. My finances were really tight as I mentioned work was scarce during the last few months. Being a Dave Ramsey graduate prepared me for those lean months. So to some this would be a major roadblock and had I gotten this before I bought my ticket, I would have decided to just abandon the trip. I saw it as a pebble in the road, for the same God that had started to arrange this entire tip could also get rid of this little pebble. My God can move mountains, this was no challenge for him. One week later I’d received $925, so my deficit from my original budget was now $75. I knew I could handle that difference. One of my friends heard about my trip, and he wanted to contribute. Thanks, for he gave me more than enough to cover the $75. Another blessing!

There were so many other little things that happened to allow me to go that there are too many to mention. One more comes to mind, I needed a suitcase, and then I needed another since I couldn’t find mine. I had so many friends loan me theirs that I could have started a used luggage store. I ended up returning many of them and in the end even found mine.

So I’m off to Barbados the God who called me to go and has opened the door will continue to provide for me all along the way.

Coincidence or God-incidence? The mathematical odds of everything falling into place the way it has is unbelievable, and too big for me to calculate. Believing in a Divine being who is actually watching over us is much easier and to me requires less faith then believing in coincidences.

Can a God who got me from Michigan to Barbados get me from earth to heaven? YES! The question comes down to who are you believing in? What is their source of power, provision, and authority? What can they do to get you from earth to heaven?

Over 30 years ago I found the answer, and it is the way, the truth and the light! His name is Jesus Christ, he forgives, he leads, he provides, He paid the way. I feel very blessed that He sent me to Barbados a temporary paradise. More importantly I know that I will have eternal life in heaven, true paradise, with him when I pass from this earth. If you died today, are you certain of your eternal destiny? If you still have uncertainty about your eternal resting place, then maybe it is time for you to accept the fact that both you and I have offended God, and accept His free gift for salvation from damnation. Accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. God himself tells us “That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9

Are you ready to continue on this exciting journey we call life with the help, guidance, provision, power and knowledge of eternal peace with someone who can actually hold true to His promise? The choice is yours.


Should you decide to visit me, the places available for rent in Barbados: the person who I'm assisting runs these

my blog and pictures this page I will be updating my journey about every 3 days, but since it gets dark at 6:30 pm, i might do it more often. I hope to take pictures every day, and upload them.

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I have already called several of you in the States! So my phone is working, and sometimes it actually rings. Phone is the same, but you may have to leave a message. It can take upto 30 seconds for it to transfer. I will only answer if I'm in the house, but you can leave a mesage. I can call back and thanks to modern technology, it shouldn't cost me anything! Time is the same EDT or one hour earlier when we switch back to EST.

All my ASI sailing frineds, you can see some of the pictures I took of ASI during the year, including the capsize recovery practice held in Aug 2010 at Laura will be updating this with more sailing picturs, so if you think you escaped the camera, we held all the surprises till later!

Getting there... for those who want to arrange to join me. contact Laurel Marinetti at or your favorite travel agent. I might be able to work out a good deal on room rates.

Flights leave to Barbados from Charlotte, NC - Buffalo, NY - NY, NY - Miami, FL - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Toronto, CA (USAir, AA, Air Canada, Carribean Air) there may be others, but that is what I found!

Hope to hear from some of you soon! Have a wonderful week!